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To My Strong Daughter - 2 Month

To my strong daughter,


Today, we went to the doctor for your two-month check-up. Let me start by saying...You. Are. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. You have grown so much in the past two months. You are 25 inches long (99 percentile) and 10 pounds (48 percentile). My little supermodel, you definitely have your daddy's genes! I swear, by the time you're two, you'll be the same height as me. I beg you to slow down. It's going all too fast.


But, back to your incredibleness (not a real word -- don't listen to your mama). Today, you had to get your two-month shots. You got THREE shots and an oral vaccine. Most babies would cry because shots hurt. You are not like most babies, are you? You didn't cry a peep. You took it like a total champ. The nurse told me "You've got one strong baby girl." She wasn't telling me anything new. I already knew you are a total rock star. You have been since the day you were born.



However, this all is not the point. I'm here to thank you for your incredibleness. Your mama is TERRIFIED of hospitals, doctors, anything medical. I've been having panic attacks since I was three years old. Major anxiety over here!


Normally, when getting shots I would have a panic attack, pass out, and create a total scene. This time, I didn't. You have made me so much stronger than I ever was. I stood next to you holding your hands (but really you were holding mine) as the nurse gave you your vaccines. I couldn't believe how strong I was being. You made me that. Throughout my whole pregnancy till now, you have made me stronger and stronger every day. My anxiety is starting to fade. I thank you, little miracle. I've always wanted to raise a strong, independent girl who don't need no man (as your dad would say). Instead, I think you're raising a strong mama.


I love you, my girl. You're going to do great things in your lifetime. I just know it.




Your Mama



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