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To My Sweet Girl - Enchant Seattle

To my sweet girl,


This past weekend we kicked off the holiday season with a Christmas light show at Enchant Seattle. Your dad was like a small child running around the Christmas lights maze searching for each of the reindeer. He's still mad I made him leave before he could find Blitzen. We could not find him anywhere. I told your dad he was by the bar completely blitzed (you'll get that joke when you're older). RIP Blitzen. Enchant was magical. You have no idea how excited Enchant made me to celebrate my favorite time of year with you!​





This time last year was a dark time for your dad and I. It was coming up on a year of trying to have you. The days were fairly dark and the nights even darker. I look at our Christmas card from last year and think about how sad we were. I'm not sure sad is a strong enough word. In the card, you see two people so in love, but if you look closer you can tell something is missing. I don't know how to explain what it was like, but I'm forever grateful for God blessing us with you. We wanted you so bad. Like SO BAD. This time last year we found out we were going to finally be your mommy and daddy. Cue the tears. I remember sobbing at the positive pregnancy test. You baby girl, are our Christmas miracle.



As your mama's favorite time of year and your first Christmas, we had to do it big. We had to do it right. We went shopping to find you the perfect things to decorate your room. I mean it was over a few all day outings finding you the perfect tree and wreath for your room (and I'm not done yet...). It was sheer bliss decorating your little Christmas tree with you. Your dad makes fun of me for how giddy I get. Literally grinning from ear to ear and constantly doing a happy dance. P.S. you're room is beautiful and I live in it now. 



The week before, we went to Leavenworth, Washington which apparently to locals is the "Christmas town." But, I'll let you in on a secret...they are wrong! Mama and Daddy will take you to the REAL Christmas town, Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is our favorite place and I know it will become yours when you're older. This time about five years ago, your daddy and I went on our first date. I asked him out and took him to Frankenmuth. We will save the how we met story for later. But don't worry, mama will teach you how to get what you want. Anyway, this time of year is your mom's favorite time of year because she met the love of her life (your daddy) and she met you. It's simply a magical time.


I love you more than this world. Merry Christmas, sweet girl.





Your Mama

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