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Self-care is a vital part of living. You simply need it to survive. But, because it is "self" care we have to recognize when we need it and to actually give our selves time with it. So many of us are overly worked, too busy, and just plain tired. We all NEED a break. We need to take a break every day not just once in a while. This is where self-care comes in. Self-care doesn't need to be something outrageous or time-consuming to set up. Its main purpose is to be simple and a breath of fresh air. Today, my sister and I, both suffered from postpartum depression, put together things we do on a daily and weekly basis for self-care. 

My sister shares a little bit of her postpartum story and how she has conquered depression. Through her journey of self-care, she has been able to learn more about herself and even better appreciate herself. 


"Battling postpartum depression multiple times taught me how to prioritize caring for myself, and I redefined what it meant to take care of others. Before, I felt like it was selfish for me to go out one night a week when I had multiple, young kids at home and my husband worked all day. I felt selfish and guilty for needing a 15-minute break during the day when life was a chaotic mess.


The most important thing I learned, however, is that for me to be the best mother and wife, I HAD to take the time to recuperate and recharge my batteries.  We’ve all heard when flying that we have to put our own oxygen masks on before helping others with theirs.  The same is true with motherhood.  If mama is a hot steaming mess, then more likely than not, the rest of the family will suffer.


My self-care is now broken up into two categories, daily and weekly self-care.  I don’t necessarily do these things every day or week, but I have learned when my tank is close to empty and what will usually work to help fill it up."





Together, we came up with a list of self-care ideas split up into daily and weekly routines. It's important to schedule time for yourself, but also equally important to not stress or beat yourself up if you didn't get to read that book before bed or take a hot bath. Sometimes just hitting the sheets is the best self-care we can give ourselves. 



1. Shower Or Hot Bath (this should already be happening, but as mamas, we don't always get to)

2. Stretch 

3. Get Fresh Air (so vital to get outside every day even for a few seconds) 

4. Read A Book

5. Talk To A Friend 

6. Take A Nap 

7. Get Dressed (you'd think this would already be happening, but it doesn't always) 

8. Listen To A Podcast 

9. Avoid Toxic People 

10. Dance


1. Date With Friends

2. Go Shopping

3. Run Errands 

4. Learn Something New (take a class, watch a youtube video, etc.)

5. Get A Manicure (definitely isn't happening weekly over here, but strive for monthly)

6. Say "No" To Someone (yes, we have to say no sometimes) 

7. Do Yoga 

8. Declutter/Throw Things Away

9. Get Coffee With Yourself

10. Binge Watch Favorite Show


There are so many different things you can do to give yourself a little love. We just need to be mindful and build self-care into our everyday routines. Mama, treat yo'self. 

What do you do for self-care? 

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