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Amelia is almost four months old and I feel like I've gotten pretty good at packing our diaper bag. Through trial and error, I have figured out what my little babe needs when we are out and about. There are definitely basics every diaper bag should have, however, no kid is the same and may need other items added to keep everything running smoothly outside the house. Hopefully, my list of items can help you get started with yours! And remember not to stress too much. Babies don't need a lot so don't feel like you need to bring your whole house every time you want to go somewhere. 

As for the diaper bag itself, many people are straying away from the traditional luggage-style bag and opting for a backpack. We have the Fawn Design backpack. It's incredibly easy to carry, stylish, so durable, and not too "girly" that Drake feels uncomfortable carrying it. This bag is amazing and worth every. single. penny. 


For the first few times I packed our diaper bag, we didn't have any organization and when we went to grab something it quickly became a jumbled mess. I stumbled upon this AMAZING mama on Instagram and she makes the most darling pouches for your diaper bag. I have the everyday essentials bundle. She only opens her shop once a month. You will want to put a reminder in your phone to check out her shop because she will sell out within minutes. She also does a limited number of custom orders. I will be setting an alarm to get Amelia a custom this Sunday (1/6) at 8 pm CST. If these pouches are not your thing, I highly suggest finding a pouch system you like to help keep you organized. They are seriously a lifesaver. 








Diapers are a MUST every single time you leave the house. Babies are little ticking time bombs. They can and will explode. We are crazy and we do cloth diapers. I love Econobum from Cotton Babies for traveling. They are extremely affordable and travel well. I pack one shell and 2-3 prefolds. We purchased the Econobum kit (and it's on sale right now!). 



Wipes are another necessity as they are used for everything. I used them for diaper changes (duh), to wipe up spit up, wiping off a teether or paci that fell on the ground, and for the time I dropped my Starbucks on the floor of an Old Navy. You will use wipes for everything. Trust me. I prefer WaterWipes or Pampers Aqua Pure since Amelia has sensitive skin. Pack whatever type is best for you and your babe!



I carry a sample sized container of diaper cream for moments when she gets a little rash. It is also accompanied by one of my favorite baby products, the travel sized BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush. We have the regular size on our changing table and use it almost every day. As for diaper cream, I LOVE Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm . It's all natural, smells amazing, and clears up diaper rash quickly. It's definitely small enough to carry in your diaper bag, however, right now I carry a sample of Cetaphil because it's even smaller, fits nicely in my pouch, and it was free. 



I pack at least 3 outfits every time I leave the house. When Amelia was a couple weeks old we were in the city running errands and I thought I was prepared for the day ahead of us. But, like I said babies are ticking time bombs. We were in Target (I think...everything was a blur) and she threw up all over the front of her. Not spit up, but threw up. So I changed her outfit. Literally minutes later she had a MAJOR blowout, but I was out of clothes. I had two choices, put her back in her original throw up onesie or sacrifice my own shirt. I did the latter. Yep...I was only wearing a raincoat while she looked ridiculous with my shirt on and we were 40 minutes from home. I will never leave the house without at least 3 outfits again.



Once baby gets past the sleep all day stage, you'll want to have something to entertain them while you're out. I keep a kitty rattle and this pineapple teether in the bag. Amelia is starting to teethe and loves nomming on this pineapple. It's her favorite teether right now. 



I will bring my nursing cover with me as well. I am fairly modest so this helps me feel more comfortable with breastfeeding in public. My mom made me this one, but there are great options out there for you.



This is definitely a preference and most probably don't carry this in their diaper bag. I don't bring this on every trip out of the house but will definitely bring it on the days I know I"ll be a couple hours. I get engorged fairly quickly which means I'm uncomfortable fast. The manual pump is not to empty you completely like you would with your electric pump, but more to release pressure and to save your shirt from getting wet. There are days where you just want to get out of the house. We were having one of those days and ended up staying out for hours. I was getting really engorged and remembered I brought my manual. I pumped in the car and it was such a relief. 



I suggest carrying hand sanitizer with you. The world is filled with germs (sorry germaphobes) and this will help keep them at bay especially during cold/flu season! 




I will always pack a bottle. Amelia is exclusively breastfed and there are some places you will go that doesn't have a good (or clean) spot to breastfeed. I will also pack some formula just in case she's extra hungry. Why do they always become more hungry when in public?? We use Comotomo bottles and this formula container. 



With how much Amelia spits up, I bring two burp cloths with me because you never know what she's going to do! You may be able to get away with just one depending on what your baby does. 



I love babywearing. My hands are free, I can move around freely, and baby is protected and comfy. I carry my Moby Wrap with me for moments when she really doesn't want to be in the car seat. Babywearing instantly calms her so it's my saving grace when she's extra grumpy.



Let's be real, I never left the house without chapstick before I had a baby. I am absolutely addicted to it. I go crazy when I forget it!



Diaper bags aren't just for babies. Now that I carry one everywhere I go, I don't carry a purse. Carrying two bags is just a hassle and there is enough room for my phone and wallet. 



Right now it's winter, so I always have Amelia wrapped up in a blanket in her car seat. But, I like to carry a muslin swaddle for when she gets too hot and still needs a little something. I'll carry this even in the summer for times when the air conditioning is too cold for her or if I need to shade her skin from the sun. 



I personally don't like laying Amelia down on the bathroom changing stations without a changing pad. Can you say GAH-ROWSE?! And when there are moments you need to change a diaper, but there is no changing station this clutch comes in clutch (see what I did there ha!). 





What do you like to keep in your diaper bag? 





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